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about me

About me

Born in the beautiful city of Kolkata India I was the oldest kid of the three.

Coming from a bustling family, food was always given a lot of importance.

Dad loved travelling and I traveled to different parts of India ,,enjoying the various cultures and cuisine.Cooking with him gave me utmost happiness.

I did my B.sc in Home Science and got a degree in Family Resource Management .We learnt a lot about Nutrtion,Textile and Interior designing in this degree.

Moved to Dubai after getting married. I would seriously miss my family and Mums homefood.

Both my parents were health enthusiasts and good healthy food and regular exercise was a must.

New to the country Where i would convert every Dirham in rupees I preferred cooking at home.

I never struggled with food and always had so many food ideas .Though i was not cost coscious while cooking for my children i somehow loved to challenge myself. I gave myself a tight budget and always came up with innovative ideas which would please my friends and family.It became a healthy habit after some year.

No wastage cooking,Low on budget,fresh food ( no out of can cooking) colourful food came so easily to me.

Glutenfree diet happened when a frined suggested to quit wheat and rice to maintain my weight.I was struggling with post preganacy weight issues and a seerious slump in energy level.Without researching much and the dos and dont I immediately jump upon the idea.

It somehow worked like Magic for me.A new world of alternate grains opened up which was tastier ,healthier and so easy to work it.

Then then the urge to share happened .Dabbled my hand in photograpghy and videograpghy and this collection of my recipes in the form of blog took place.

I hope to see you recreating these recipes which delicious,wholesome and straight from my heart!!