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Tandoori Aloo (Baked Potatoes)

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Sweet & savory, moist & crispy, this astonishingly straightforward popular Indian recipe is an unusual blend of texture, flavor... and no hunting down hard to find ingredients!

Crazy crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside, there’s a serious risk that only half of these will make it to the dinner table…. words straight out of a potato lovers mouth!!!

Much against the popular tandoori aaloo recipes, which call for deep-frying, these potatoes are double baked to perfection.

Stage 1: To cook and crisp the potatoes (optional)

Stage 2: To cook the filling stuffed potatoes to get crispy, golden morsels of deliciousness

How simple is that?

This recipe came from my friend's mum-in-law who made these Tandoori Aaloos, which were so delicious. (Aunty, I love you for this!)

Every winter, during the BBQ season (yes we have cold winters in Dubai!) we shamelessly tuck uncountable piece of these potatoes along with a side of pickled onions and mint coriander chutney.

The original recipe called for deep frying to get a crispy golden crust. However, double baking ensures similar results maintaining the crispiness of the crust and drastically reduces the calorie content. Not to forget that this process keeps the skin of the potatoes intact which is so full of flavour and fiber.

Keeping the filling simple, delicious & moist with ricotta, cashews, raisins, ginger and green chillies.

Double baking the potato is again very simple

  • slice into two

  • par boil the potatoes, drain

  • bake them (optional step to get the real crusty, crispy edges)

  • scoop the center

  • pack the filling

  • rebake

And you can feed a crowd.

The warm, moist center is perfect with the crusty golden potatoes. In all honesty, these are so tasty, they don’t need anything more! (in my personal, potato-opinion!)

These have your name written all over them, so bake these right now... these Tandoori Aaloo are the best thing that can happen to you!!!

Double Baked Tandoori Aaloo

Serves: 4/5 persons

Preparing time: 45 mins-1 hour

Cooking time: 45 minutes

Cuisine: Indian / Entree

Author: HealthyNidhi


10 medium-sized potatoes (choose uniform sized roundish ones)


1 cup (225 grams) fresh paneer (or ricotta)

15 pieces raisin

10 cashews

3 green chillies (as per taste)

2 teaspoons finely chopped ginger

¼ cup fresh mint

¼ cup fresh coriander

1 teaspoon sugar

Juice of half a lemon (3-4 teaspoons)

1½ teaspoon salt (or as per taste)

1 teaspoon cardamom powder

2 tablespoon ghee


  1. Slice the potatoes lengthwise (do not peel).

  2. Par-boil them in salted water

  3. Remove from water. Drain & Cool (In case these become soft, refrigerate for couple of hours)

  4. With the help of a melon scoop or a spoon, scoop out the center keeping enough inner flesh around the skin. Put it on a baking tray and brush with ghee (Save the insides to make patties later. Double goodness!).

  5. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius while you make the filling (baking at this stage is optional).


  1. Make the filling by crumbling the paneer/ricotta/tofu.

  2. In a food processor add cashews, raisins, ginger, green chillies, mint, coriander and pulse coarsely (we want the bits to stay).

  3. Mix it with paneer/ricotta/tofu and add sugar, lemon juice, cardamom and salt (keeping in mind the additional salt requirement of the potatoes as well).

  4. Mix well and stuff the potatoes.

  5. Bake at 170 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes or at 220 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.

  6. Serve warm with yogurt mint chutney and sliced onions.

Top tips:

  1. Double baking makes the potatoes crispy and soaks up the brushed ghee well.

  2. Butter can be used instead of ghee.

  3. Dried mint can be used in case fresh mint is not available.

  4. Cutting the potatoes lengthwise makes it easy to fill and allows more space for the filling.

  5. Frozen-thawed paneer/tofu can also be used.

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