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Kulfi Falooda

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Kulfi Falooda

Serves: 4

Preparation time: 30 minutes (overnight soaking)

Cooking time: none

Cuisine: Indian Dessert

Author: HealthyNidhi


Chia Seed Pudding:

¼ cup Chia seeds (black or white)

200 ml of coconut milk (milk of your choice)

2 teaspoons of honey

1 teaspoon of rose water


4 teaspoon vermicelli (rice noodles)

4 tablespoons of boiling water

A pinch of saffron+ 1 teaspoon honey or 1 teaspoon Badam Kesar Syrup (Sharbat)

Fruit Layer:

2 cups mixed fruits like grapes, strawberries and pomegranate


4 frozen bananas

4 frozen strawberries

4 tablespoon of milk of your choice

1 teaspoon rose syrup/rose water/ rose essence (optional)


Chopped pistachios and almonds

Mixed fruit chikki to decorate

Wafer biscuits to decorate (optional)

Khus or rose syrup to pour (optional)


Chia pudding layer:

  1. Soak the chia seeds in the coconut milk and soak overnight.

  2. Stir well in the morning and add honey and rose water.

Vermicelli layer:

  1. Pour boiling water on the vermicelli and allow it to bloom for 20 minutes or 3-4 minutes in case of rice noodles.

  2. Add honey and flavourings.

Fruit Layer:

  1. Chop the fruits into uniform size pieces.


  1. Cut bananas into small pieces. Blend the frozen bananas with the strawberries in a high-speed blender (see tips below for regular blender method) adding milk to ease the blending.

  2. Add rose syrup/rose water.

  3. To assemble take 4 tall glasses and divide the chia seed pudding equally in all the glasses.

  4. Divide the vermicelli layer into the glasses equally.

  5. Similarly, divide the fruits into equal proportions.

  6. With the help of an ice cream scoop, add 4 scoops of kulfi into each glass.

  7. Top it with chopped dried fruits, nuts, chikki /wafer and khus syrup.

  8. Serve immediately

Top tips:

  1. In case you do not have a high speed blender blend the fruits in a normal blender and freeze it.

  2. Once frozen, use an ice cream scoop to serve the kulfi and top over falooda.

  3. Freezing fruits is important.

  4. In case you don't like the rose, khus and saffron flavours, make this as a breakfast smoothie with a layer of chia seed pudding, fruits and frozen ice cream.

  5. 2-3 hours is enough to bloom the chia seeds if not overnight.

  6. Sabza (basil) seeds can be substituted for chia seeds.

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