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Moong Dal ka Halwa

Moong Dal Ka Halwa is a popular Rajasthani cuisine that wins over any other Indian dessert especially during Diwali. This is my mom's simplified recipe which takes about 45 minutes and the result and simply amazing.

Serves 8-10 persons

Cooking time 1hr 30 minutes

Preparation time 30 minutes+ 3 hr.soaking time

Cuisine Indian dessert

Author healthynidhi


1 cup moong dal (split green gram)

3/4 cup melted ghee

1 cup white sugar (not heaped)

100 grams mava (milk solid)

4 cups of water

1 teaspoon cardamom powder or more

1/2 teaspoon saffron

a pinch of food colour


  1. Wash and soak split green gram for a minimum of 3 hrs.

  2. Drain the lentil dry and roast the dal/lentil for 15 minutes. Every grain will separate and will not stick to the pan. It may take 15 minutes.(secret tip from mom)

  3. Blend but not so smooth (not very coarse either)

  4. Add the ghee in a roomy pan and add all the blended lentil paste and stir it for 45 minutes and low heat.

  5. In another pan boil 4 cups of water and sugar for 10 minutes.

  6. While the lentil roasts to a golden brown for 45 minutes add mava.

  7. Roast the mava and the lentils together for 15 more minutes.

Top tip

  • Roast the dal at low heat.

  • Stirring the lentil is important so that it does not stick to the base and gets uniform browning.

  • Adding food colour is optional.

  • Mava is important for the flavour and texture but in case you do not have it add 2 cups of milk instead of water and proceed in the same way.

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