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Pear Berry Crumble

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

There are only 10 minutes in the life of a pear which is perfect to eat it and I miss those moments. Pear Berry Crumble, you come to my rescue!

Most pears go from hard to woolly, without even passing the luscious ripe stage. Using pear in a crumble is definitely the easiest way to use all the fruits lying in the fruit basket.

During my college days, this was the first dessert I made in my home-science class.

Back then, this dessert used to be a big thing for me. An ice cream topping was like icing on the cake. Such a big achievement!

One bowl... simple ingredients... lower in calories... quick... and so insanely delicious...

I mostly have pears or apples lying around in my kitchen, and now that I have this recipe, it will be a little dangerous! HeHe!

I cannot claim that this is the healthiest recipe, but, I cannot say no to the crispy warm fruits topped with an oats (so good) crumble.

I cannot wait to share this recipe with you. It’s perfect for winters and for holiday gatherings.

The filling is so delicious. Pears are generously coated with sugar and cinnamon. Orange juice adds extra flavour and helps cook the pear to tender perfection. While arrowroot/ cornstarch help create a thick, caramel-like sauce.

The topping is amazing as well more like a cookie with plenty of texture from rolled oats, almond meal, and cinnamon. Muscovado/brown sugar adds sweetness, while cinnamon adds warmth and wintery flavours.

Crumble is what my love is!

Use hands to rub the crumble together. It may not be like the usual crumble as butter and almond flour gives it a cookie dough texture. So pack the top of the marinated fruits tightly with this topping and bake as recommended.

Pear & berry crumble... oats so good...

These are

  • Simple

  • Fruity

  • One bowl (for crumble and cut fruits straight in the baking dish)

  • Nutritious (fruit and crumble)

  • Juicy and Crispy

  • Warm and Cold (if you indulge in an ice cream like me)

  • Drop dead gorgeous

  • Customizable (use the fruits and berries of your choice)

Bake-ware and quantity estimation?

Normally I don't bother to measure the quantity of fruit while making a crumble. I imagine my dish and use the fruit based on that. Most of the baking dishes can accommodate 1½ pound of fruits. In case the fruit quantity is less using a 50/50 fruit crumble ratio is not bad with a handful of berries added further. So for a typical 9'' x 13'' pan, 10 -11 cups of the base fruit (example apple or pear) is required tightly packed.

How to check for 'doneness'?

The perfect fruit crumble call for 2 factors. One - the correct oven temperature and next is the bubbling of fruit juices. Its the bubbling of the juices along with cornstarch which indicates the doneness of the crumble. In case you fear the juice may spill over the oven rack, place a foil paper below the baking dish for easy cleaning.

How to serve?

Allow the crumble to settle down, once the bubbling gets over. Here the crumble is made of oats, almond flour and dark brown sugar. The browning of crumble may also happen earlier than the fruits, so you could cover it with foil allow the fruits to cook as per the suggested time.

While serving if you see a pool of juices which may have been released by the fruit, pour it over the crispy crust or ice cream or custard like a caramel sauce. It adds flavour and who would not love to drip some warm juice over the crispy crust.

Pear Berry Crumble

Serves: 4 persons

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Baking time: 25-30 minutes

Cuisine: International dessert

Author: HealthyNidhi


Fruit base layer:

500 grams pear (semi-ripe)

1 cup raspberries (some more to serve)

1 teaspoon cinnamon powder

¼ cup brown sugar (50 grams)

1 tablespoon orange juice

2 teaspoons cornstarch/arrowroot powder


½ cup oats

½ cup almond powder

50 grams cold unsalted butter

¼ cup brown sugar (not packed)

1 teaspoon cinnamon powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Ice cream or homemade custard to serve


  1. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius.

  2. Peel and cut the pear in to 2-inch pieces.

  3. Mix sugar, cinnamon, cornstarch, and allow the flavours to grow.

  4. Add 1 tablespoon of orange juice.

  5. Add raspberries.

  6. Fit into the baking bowl (I used a 20 cm by 15 cm baking pan, it fit in very snugly).

  7. Mix the ingredients of the crumble. Rub the butter well into the flour and sugar. You could use your hands (the crumble will not be crumbly but much like a cookie dough).

  8. Pack it on top of the fruits tightly.

  9. Bake for 25-30 minutes giving enough time for the fruits to cook and the crust to bake.

  10. Serve warm topped with ice cream and more berries.

Top tips:

  • Use your choice of fruits like pears, apples, rhubarb, raspberries, strawberries.

  • Do not be tempted to add more orange juice.

  • White sugar can be used in place of brown sugar in the crumble.

  • Baking times may vary.

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