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Updated: Oct 14, 2019

I have umpteen number of stories from my childhood when Roohafza was served at room temperature, overly sweet and poured in sticky glasses. I never enjoyed it. The popular 'lal sharbat' was not for me!!

I would never want to recreate this drink until I saw the uber talented @cupcakeree who came up with an idea to create it at home. I just added the fresh fruits idea for an added colour and nutrition. And honestly I cant love it any more now...

  • So refreshing

  • Healthy

  • Natural sugar than the original version and

  • Very delicious

But, most people are unaware that the well-known Rooh Afza has borne witness to more than 100 years of subcontinent history including the Indian Partition, the event that resulted in the formation of Pakistan from previously undivided India.

Created by a Unani hakim or doctor as a herbal concoction to beat the heat, it has gone on to become a staple across India and Pakistan.

Rooh Afza, which in Urdu literally meant something that refreshes the soul is true to its name. It has retained its popularity and has quenched the thirst of millions of people from the time it originated. The flavours were retained from the time it originated which is why it stood tall and strong inspite of all the artificially flavoured drinks flooding the market.


Serves: 2

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: None

Cuisine: Drink Indian

Author: HealthyNidhi


1 cup heaped pomegranate kernels

3 teaspoons honey (or as per taste)

1 teaspoon of rose water

1 teaspoon of kevra water

3 teaspoons honey(or as per taste)

I cup chilled water

½ cup crushed ice

½ teaspoon sabza (basil) seeds (optional)


  1. Make the juice of pomegranate and beetroot in a slow juicer or blend them with ice water in a high-speed blender.

  2. Strain the juice.

  3. Add rose, kevra water and honey to the juice.

  4. Add chilled water and mix well.

  5. Take 2 tall/high balls glasses and add sabza seeds (optional).

  6. Top it off with crushed ice.

  7. Serve chilled.

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